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Blagdon Clean Pond Pods x 6

Blagdon Clean Pond Pods - 6 Pack

  • Product Info

    Clean Pond Pods are a quick and easy to use 5 - in - one water treatment designed to combat most pond water problems. Creating an effective natural balance against blanketweed and string algae while consuming sludge making tap water safe and feeds aquatic plants 

    Use Clean Pond Pods with Blagdon's Clean Pond Machine Filter for excellent results. Clean Pond Pods are also suitable for use with all other filter systems and direct to pond ideally placed at the water inlet. Suitable for use in all fish and koi ponds and pet and wildlife safe. Start using when temperatures rise above 10°C. The pods are a slow acting and best results will be achieved when used over a period of time. Take a look at our clean pond pod video to see how easy it is to keep your pond clear and healthy.

    Product Features;

    • Pack of 6 pods.
    • Easy dose pods no measuring required.
    • One pod treats 500 litres (110 gallons).
    • Effective against blanketweed, algae and sludge.
    • Make tap water safe.
    • Creates a naturally balanced in pond ecosystem.
    • Use with other filter systems.
    • Can be used directly in the pond.
    • Boost filter bacteria encourage plant growth.
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