When it comes to garden irrigation, simplicity and affordability are key. In fact, pop-up sprinklers are the hottest trend on the market right now and are able to merge professional irrigation with the needs of the average household. As a must-have investment for any avid gardener, the design of the pop-up sprinkler relies on an increase in water pressure, which acts as a trigger and tells the sprinkler to rise into action, allowing homeowners the ability to watch from the side lines.   

It is no secret that manual irrigation takes up valuable time and that is why the Easy Garden Watering team encourage every household to invest in a pop-up sprinkler. After all, they can be combined with an automatic watering system in order to deliver self-regulating distribution that manages to disperse water in every direction. In fact, pop up sprinklers also provide an even spread, which saves both water and energy whilst also preventing water-logging, something that often comes hand in hand with manual watering methods.  

Since aesthetics play such an important role in home investments, we also think that property owners will be happy to hear that all the pipe work associated with pop up sprinklers are hidden underground. In fact, even the sprinkler head itself manages to submerge itself below when not in use, making cutting the grass a walk in the park.   

Quality and reliability are very important to us and that is why we make it a priority to only supply professional irrigation equipment. In fact, a pop-up sprinkler is one of the most affordable tools on the market and we are proud to offer a versatile range that consists of 90°, 180° and 360° rotation, more than accounting for optimum garden irrigation.   

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