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WaterMate Mini Automatic Greenhouse Watering Kit

WaterMate Mini Automatic Greenhouse Watering Kit

  • Product Info

    The WaterMate Mini automatic watering system is a complete smart irrigation system for mini and small greenhouse up to  6′ x 8′  cold frames or outdoor plants. The kit uses a smart controller and environment sensors for precise watering control and scheduling giving your plants the right amount of water. The kit now has the latest control units.

    Your choice of power supply.

    Choose from a 100% solar powered giving you the option allowing you to set the system up in any location or a 240v mains powered model.

    Your choice of water supply.

    Choose from a pressurised, high flow off-grid pump system that can run from a tank or water butt or connect to a garden tap with garden hose.

    Optional system upgrades included soil moisture sensors, humidity sensor and control unit mounting kit. 

    Delivery of this item may be delayed 5-7 days.

    Product Details:

    Smart Controller for more water on, sunny days, less when cool or overcast.

    Compatible with Harvst optional soil moisture sensors.

    Watering for 2 separate zones for added capacity.

    Pump system option which can run from a water butt or tank.

    Optional water supply connection pump system or garden hose.

    Solar or mains powered options available.

    WIFI-enabled (will run without internet too).

    Receive SMS and email alerts*.

    Supports up to 40 drippers (40 plants), or 12 micro jet sprays for 6 metres squared coverage.

    *WIFI connection required for SMS and email alerts.

  • Components Included
    • WaterMate control unit approx. (190mm x 120mm x 45mm)
    • Solar panel 10w or power supply.
    • Mini submersible water pump, 45mm diameter (for pump option only)
    • An air temperature sensor.
    • Dual electric 12v solenoid valves.
    • 4m of 13mm braided hose for connecting the pump.
    • 10m of 13mm LDPE irrigation supply pipe.
    • A selection of joints and pipe fittings.
    • 10 greenhouse frame pipe fixings.
    • 20m of 4mm micro irrigation pipe.
    • 24 x pressure compensated drippers (4 litres per hour) and ground stakes.
    • 12 x 4mm hose adapters.
    • 10 x 360° micro sprays covering 1m2 each.
    • 10 x 180° micro sprays covering 1m2 each.
    • 6 x 4mm flow control valves.
    • Web app for Android and iPhone.
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