Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question regarding garden irrigation and products, take a look below at the frequently asked questions to see if you can find the answer you’re searching for. This list includes many hints, tips, and solutions to the usual irrigation queries. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please do contact us via email or phone!

Q: What is an irrigation system?

A: An irrigation system is a network of pipes running around your garden normally connected to an outside water outlet. The water flows around the pipe network and then released via drip emitters, sprays or mini sprinklers depending on the area you need to be watered. Click here to read our blog post on setting up an automatic watering system.

Q: Why use an automatic garden watering system

A: One of the benefits of using garden watering systems is that it frees up your time allowing you to enjoy the garden more, it also prevents water wastage which in turn will save you money. It also helps with plant growth
and development.

Q: What Is The Best Water Timer?

A: All timers are good in their own way it all comes down to what you want out of them, the purpose you want it to serve and if they're going to be the right one for your setup. The claber water timers are a good choice they are versatile and have lots of options.

Q: How many drippers can be connected?

A: To work this out you will need to calculate the litres of water you have available per hour. Use this calculation to find this out:

(Volume of container ÷ Time to fill container) x 60 = Litres per minute
Multiplying the above calculation by another 60 will give you the litres per hour
This will then give you an idea of how many drippers you can connect.

Q: What’s the difference between soaker hose and drip line?

A: Soaker hose is made from recycled rubber and is perforated with small holes this helps in covering a larger area when water is released these are best suited for short runs for a maximum of 50 meters. Drip line is made from plastic (LDPE) and has drippers pre-installed normally around every 30cm these precisely release water to targeted are. Drip Lines are more durable and longer lasting and can be used for runs of up to 100 meters.

Q: No water is released from my drippers, why?

A: One of the reasons for this maybe your water outlet does not have enough water flow rate to supply emitters the more emitters you have the more flow that is required. Use the calculation in question 4 to find your flow rate then use the calculation below to give you an idea of how many emitters you can have connected for best results stay below the maximum amount:
Flow Rate from Tap (800lph) ÷ Flow Rate from Emitters (40lph) = 18 Emitters
Other possible reasons are, your pipe may have a leak so check for leaks and repair, another reason could be that your emitter may be blocked these can be soaked in a solution of warm water of vinegar to clean or taken apart.

Q: Can I use pressure compensating drippers from my water butt watering system?

A: You can only use these if you are using a water butt pump as they require more pressure.

Q: How to prepare your irrigation system for winter?

A: When frost is forecast remove the water timer and other tap accessories and bring them inside now remove stop ends from irrigation supply pipe, drain and replace.

Q: My irrigation supply pipe is leaking how do I fix this?

A: If the pipe is leaking from a joint with no obvious sign of damage then use a ratchet clamp to seal the pipe around the fitting. If an area of pipe is damaged cut out the damaged area then use a joiner to reconnect the 2 parts of pipe or insert a new piece of pipe.

Q: How do I connect my micro hose to the main irrigation supply pipe?

A: Pierce a hole in the 13mm pipe using a hole punch then push in a 4mm micro tube adaptor at a 90-degree angle then connect your micro pipe to this.