Irrigation Fittings 19mm

Irrigation Fittings 19mm

19mm Irrigation connectors and fittings can be used for all watering and pond projects.

Antelco 19mm Inline Valve

19mm Inline Valve

Antelco 19mm Inline flow control valve for used in irrigation systems ponds and any type of water feature setup. The valve makes controlling water flo...
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Antelco 19mm Nut & Tail Adaptor

19mm Nut & Tail Adaptor

Use the 19 mm Nut & Tail Adaptor to connect to taps, timers and other inlets and outlets with a 3/4" bsp thread. Antelco nut and tails have a rota...
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Antelco  19mm Tee Connector

19mm Tee Connector

19mm tee used for branching off an extra line or sending the irrigation supply pipe in two directions. The t can also be used with other 19mm pipe suc...
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Antelco 19mm Barbed Elbow

19mm Barbed Elbow

19mm Elbow,s are used to direct irrigation supply pipe around the garden for installing your garden wateringsystem. They prevent creasing and kinking ...
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Antelco 19mm Barbed Joiner

19mm Barbed Joiner

19mm Joiners used for connecting or repairing the 19mm irrigation supply pipe.These joiners can also be used with other 19mm pipe such as pond hose.Pr...
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Antelco 19mm Barbed End Stop

19mm Barbed End Stop

19mm End Plug used to stop the flow of water in 19 ID supply pipe in garden watering systems. Easy to fit just push the 19mm supply pipe over the barb...
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Antelco Ratchet Clamp 19mm to 24mm

Ratchet Clamp 19mm to 24mm

£0.30 £0.39
Ratchet Clamp 19mm iD to 24mm OD to secure and prevent leaks from the main supply tube. When the weather is very hot the main supply hose can soften a...
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Antelco 19mm x 13mm Barbed  Reducer

Barbed Reducer 19mm x 13mm

Barbed Reducer from 19mm to 13mm the size correspond to the internal diameter (ID) of the supply pipe.Product Details;Reducer for 19mm x 13mm id suppl...
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19mm Threaded Elbow 3/4"

19mm Threaded Elbow 3/4"

The 19mm x 3/4" Threaded Elbow is used for connecting pop up sprinklers and other fittings to 19mm supply pipe.Product Details:Fits 19mm irrigation pi...
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Antelco Asta Irrigation Hold Down Stake

Irrigation Hold Down Stake

£0.43 £0.75
The Asta Hold Down Stake can be hammered into the soil without bending the stake or damaging the irrigation pipe used for staking down LDPE Main Suppl...
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