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Blagdon Anti Parasite 250ml - 2680

Blagdon Anti Parasite 250ml-1ltr

  • Product Info

    Blagdon Anti Parasite should be used at the first sign of infection. Anti Parasite is a specialised mix of ingredients to act against infections such as white spot, slime disease and flukes. The treatment is available in three bottle size 250ml, 500ml and 1000ml as a 5 day course of treatment. Always follow the dosage instructions and calculate your pond volume as close as possible, If needed treatment can be repeated and other treatments added if necessary after 7 days. The treatment is easy to and mix in a bucket and spread over the pond surface.

    Symptom's to Look for;

    • Frayed fins and tails.
    • Erratic swimming.
    • Fish appear gasping for air.
    • White patches on fish.

    Product Details;

    • 250ml = 5 Day treatment for 500 gallons - 2273 liters.
    • 500ml = 5 Day treatment for 1000 gallons - 4546 liters.
    • 1000ml = 5 Day treatment for 2000 gallons - 9092 liters.
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