Common Mistakes Made With Drip Irrigation

Common Mistakes Made With Drip Irrigation

Whilst it isn’t as complex as it seems at first glance, the team here at Easy Garden Watering like to ensure that our clients are equipped with all the knowledge they need in order to look after a drip irrigation system. After all, many of the mistakes that are made are easily avoidable with the correct information and assistance from an expert. Read on as we go over three common mistakes that property owners with a drip irrigation system will often make…  


Many property owners try to skip the filter and this can cause a lot of expensive problems down the road. After all, a filter is required in order to keep the water as clean as possible and prevent small particles from cause a blockage in the entire system itself. Plus, trying to use a drip irrigation system without a filter can do more than cause a blockage, it can also damage your timer too. For such a big price to pay, it is more than worth the extra expense to invest in a filter and prevent your irrigation system from avoidable damage.  

Pressure Regulators  

In order to guarantee that your irrigation system works properly and delivers a high-quality performance, it is important to invest in a pressure regulator. After all, the majority of drip irrigation systems perform at their best with a pressure of 30 PSI and only a pressure regulator can provide such reliable and consistent values. If the pressure is any higher than that, the entire system can become damaged. Plus, it is also important to check the pressure regularly in order to ensure that the regulator is doing its job.  

Spare Parts  

A drip irrigation system is not invincible and this means that general wear and tear may result in necessary repair work. With this said, most problems are relatively easy to fix and can be done when you have spare parts on hand. After all, you don’t have to stock an entire warehouse full of supplies in your shed but having an elbow connector, goof plugs, couplers and other essential tools to hand can make all the difference and reduce the cost of a repair and the time it takes to complete.  

Despite being one of the most beneficial watering systems a property owner can invest in, the team here at Easy Garden Watering have dealt with our fair share of mistakes when it comes to drip irrigation. Luckily, taking the time to speak to a professional and investing in the equipment necessary can help save time, money and water! To find out more information about our garden irrigation systems, get in contact with a member of the Easy Garden Watering team today!