The Low-down on Photosynthesis

The Low-down on Photosynthesis

We make our food in a very different way to plants because they rely on a variety of different components in order to synthesise it themselves. This means that homeowners and avid gardeners alike should pay close attention to the different requirements that a plant has in order to ensure that they grow healthily and strong. Read on as the team here at Easy Garden Watering go over everything there is to know about photosynthesis…  

What is photosynthesis?

In order to understand how to take care of a plant it is important that homeowners recognise the importance of photosynthesis. This is a chemical reaction that takes place in the leaves of a plant and it is how they produce the food they need in order to survive. Without this process, it is safe to say that a plant would not survive for very long.  

What components are used in photosynthesis?

Just like humans, a plant needs food in order to breathe, grow and repair itself; however, they have to make their own supply through the process of photosynthesis. This requires a regular supply of a variety of different components including carbon dioxide, sunlight and water. As a result, a homeowner must ensure that a plant has direct access to sunlight and a steady water supply in order to obtain the nutrients it needs from the soil.  

What happens if plants cannot photosynthesise?

All plants grow with the ability to photosynthesise; however, this process is dependent on the supply of the components listed above. If just one of these components is missing then a plant will not be able to produce the food it needs in the form of glucose and oxygen. As a result, the plant will grow very poorly or may even die. Since most plants are found outdoors, a lack of water often leads to this occurring which is why homeowners must ensure that they stay on top of their garden’s watering needs.            

When it comes to the way that plants make food, it is important that homeowners take the time to ensure that they have everything they need. After all, just one missing component can cause them to die. Here at Easy Garden Watering, we have an array of garden irrigation systems that can ensure that a plant obtains all the water it needs for photosynthesis by reducing water wastage and delivering the moisture directly to the roots. To find out more information, get in contact with a member of the team today!