Why Do Plants Need Water?

Why Do Plants Need Water?

plant with water dropsEvery living thing needs water to survive and plants are no different. After all, their cellular make up depends on water and their most basic processes require the substance in order to take place. In fact, even a reduced water supply can have an effect on the survival rate of a plant which is why it is important to ensure that you provide your plants with a steady water supply all year round. Read on as we go over a few reasons why plants need water...  


One of the most basic ways that plants use water is through a process known as photosynthesis. In fact, this process is how plants convert light energy into a food substance that they can use in order to survive and thrive. Just like human beings need food and water to sustain themselves, a plant would not be able to live for very long without water, carbon dioxide and light from the sun as these are the basic requirements for the photosynthesis process.   


Water may be essential for the photosynthesis process, but it is also how plants absorb essential nutrients through their roots which allow them to thrive. Without a steady supply of water at the roots, any nutrients found in the soil would be lost and the plants growth would suffer as a result. After all, healthy roots are a fundamental requirement that allow a plant to grow properly and this can only be achieved through water.   

Biological Design

Life requires a variety of chemical reactions to take place. In fact, the process of photosynthesis itself can even be considered a chemical reaction as new compounds are formed. The majority of these chemicals and substances that are required in order to sustain the life of plants are dissolved in water. In addition to this, water also adds structure and stability to a plant because their cellular make up involves a cell wall, which adds rigidity, and a lack of water will affect this rigidity and eventually lead to wilting.   

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