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Claber Dual My Aqua Solar

Claber My Aqua Solar Dual

  • Product Info

    The Claber Dual MyAquaSolar is the first battery free timer using only solar power. A very easy to program 2 outlet tap timer with Claber's myaquasolar app. Equipped with a photovoltaic panel means the timer can be power by solar energy even when the panel is not exposed to direct sunlight. No Batteries required. Easy programming with Bluetooth via the claber my aqua solar app, with two fully customisable programmes. With only 2 buttons that can also be used in the app to turn off and start manual watering. All electronic components are fully insulated. Connect to taps with a 3/4" threaded nut with washable filter. This water timer can be connected to claber rain sensor 90915 for efficient watering.

    The remarkable capabilities of the latest photovoltaic solar cells grant greater flexibility, allowing the timer to be placed even in areas with partial shade. No longer needing prolonged exposure to direct sunlight these solar cells offer freedom in positioning. This means you can truly place the timer wherever you like, without compromising on its functionality or efficiency.

    With myAquaSolar, watering your plants has never been easier. This innovative system allows you to program the watering run time and frequency for multiple timers directly from your smartphone using the dedicated app. Additionally, you can access features such as weather and battery charge overview, program monitoring, and much more. myAquaSolar not only offers a convenient way to water your plants but also represents an important lifestyle change, providing greater control and efficiency in managing your irrigation needs.

    Product Details;

    • Solar powered tap timer no batteries required.
    • Charges without direct sunlight.
    • Two outlet solar tap timer.
    • Easy Bluetooth programming with myaquasolar app.
    • Manage up to 4 timers in app.
    • Can connect to rain sensor 90915.
    • Quick easy to fit to your garden tap.
    • Claber's 2-year manufacturer's warranty.

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