Barbed Adapters & Reducers

Barbed Adapters & Reducers

 A wide range of barbed connectors, adaptors and reducers for your pond or garden irrigation system.

Antelco Capo Grommet 13mm

Capo Grommet 13mm

Antelco Capo Take-Off Fitting are an improved method of connecting low pressure irrigation tubes and driplines to polyethylene tubes and PVC mainlines...
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Antelco Ratchet Clamp 19mm to 24mm

Ratchet Clamp 19mm to 24mm

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Ratchet Clamp 19mm ID to 24mm OD to secure and prevent leaks from the main supply tube. When the weather is very hot the main supply hose can soften a...
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Antelco 19mm x 13mm Barbed  Reducer

Barbed Reducer 19mm x 13mm

Antelco Barbed Reducer from 19mm to 13mm the size correspond to the internal diameter (ID) of the supply pipe and hose.Product Details;Reducer for 19m...
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